A Carrot Story - Blue Rabbit’s Secret (Iphone)

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  • Added: 05/04/2015
  • Downloads:95
  • Developer: Maria Chua



Carrots are brimming with many of the nutrients your child needs for healthy growth and development, but many children are resistant to eating them.

Fret not as help is here. This app comes with not only a beautifully illustrated story but also a mini game to keep your kid entertained and eventually fall in love with eating carrots.

Some features include:

- Built specifically for iPad making full use of its generous screen size.
- A story that is close to heart. The story follows a little girl by the name of Sue. Sue was a perfect child at the dinner table and would finish off whatever her mother puts on her dinner plate but if there were carrots, she would kick up such a fuss...whining and crying because she didn't like the smell nor the taste of it.
- Swipe each page in the storybook mode just like a real book. You will be amazed by how realistic is the page curl effect.
- Entertaining mini-game. The game is simple yet engaging for all ages. Finding carrots has never been so fun. You can definitely enjoy the game as a family.

We will be adding more mini-games in future so stay tuned. :)

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