Anyplace Mafia Pro (Iphone)

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  • Added: 04/13/2015
  • Downloads:28
  • Developer: Appnetto LLC



Like to play Mafia (party game)? Anyplace Mafia will completely replace a set of cards that is usually used for the game and will let you play anywhere and anytime! Simple and stylish interface! You can start in just 10 seconds: just choose "Quick Start" and set the number players. Each player will get his role in the game by taking the device, finding the card with his name and tapping the card to see the role (randomly assigned by application). You can also create any custom modifications for your game of Mafia: add any new roles(characters) that you want and set any required split of total number of players between the roles (how many Mafia will be in the game? how many Civilians? e.t.c)

This game features:

-A full replacement of a card set needed to play Mafia (party game)!
-Simple, friendly and stylish interface!
-Up to 19 players!
-Unique and cool design of cards!

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