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Artist Radar is a free iPhone app that informs you instantly when your favourite artists, bands, authors and actors release a new album, song, music video, ebook, audiobook, TV show or movie. You can preview, listen and download new releases directly through iTunes.

You choose your favourite artists and you only receive news for these subscribed artists. Artist Radar is your personalized news feed for all your favourite artists, bands, authors and actors. Artist Radar let's you access more than 28 million media items, beautifully categorized by your artist subscriptions and your received news.

Artist Radar is the only app that supports all media types (music, videos, ebooks, movies, audiobooks and tv shows). You can track all your favourite artists in one single beautifully designed and easy to use app.

The program is suitable for users that do not have the time to keep track on all releases the media industry pushes out. Artist Radar does the job for them.

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