ATsWeatherToGo 3.3.0 (Iphone)

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  • Added: 04/30/2015
  • Downloads:32
  • Price: FREE
  • Size: 12.44 MB
  • Developer: Aaron Tuttle



"When seconds count, give yourself minutes!" -Aaron Tuttle, ATsWeatherToGo

YouTube video on how to set up and use here:

ATTN: iPhone users, you must update your OS to version 7.0 or higher and make sure you allow location services for this app or it will not show any data. This setting can be found under your phone settings. Most apps do not need this enabled, mine does to alert you when a storm is near. Also, some WiFi home routers do not send location information to the device, use cell tower first then turn on wifi if data doesn't populate immediately upon opening. Thanks! -AT

"ATsWeatherToGo" brings to you all of the weather information you need from the most accurate meteorologist in Oklahoma City, Aaron Tuttle. Get a personal weather forecast, severe weather alerts, radar, and more, along with live coverage of severe weather. Even check the weather in other parts of the country to keep up with friends and family. This weather app does something no other app will do. It will provide you with an advanced warning several minutes before the National Weather Service issues an official warning, thereby giving you even more time to prepare and seek shelter. Enable the SAF-T-Net* feature the minute you download, no matter what state you live in. It could save your life! (Access menu by tapping top left dashes or swiping from left to right)

• A brand new way of delivering weather information that no longer ties you to a television set
• Scroll through the next 24 hours of weather conditions with the daily forecast slider
• Detailed 7-day forecast at the swipe of a finger
• Blog style weather related graphics and video
• Forecast discussions including long-range outlooks
• Interactive maps with temperature, satellite, and radar
• Tropical storm model plot and hurricane tracker
• Push notifications for severe weather warnings
• Customize the kinds of alerts you want based on the type of storm and your location
• Live streaming coverage during high end severe weather events

Aaron holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Meteorology from Texas A&M University and has been forecasting the weather and tracking severe storms for over 18 years. Aaron worked in local television news for nearly 12 years and at the federal government level working with weather radar for 7 years. Place your trust and safety in the hands of an expert during the severe weather season. The benefit of having the mobile app is that you'll never be caught off guard to mother nature's wild swings! And the best part, it's FREE!!!

Problems downloading, installing the app, or some other issue?
Please tell us more. Visit:

Note: If the local weather reporting station is down in your area, the app may show dashed lines for the current conditions. If that happens, type in a nearby zip-code or city until the station near you is back on-line. That equipment is out of my control. Thanks! -AT

*SAF-T-Net feature currently not available for use on iPad.

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