AVMA Animal Hospital 1.0.1 (Iphone)

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  • Added: 04/25/2015
  • Downloads:23
  • Price: FREE
  • Size: 39.49 MB
  • Developer: Heather Jensen
  • Pros
    For animal lovers
    Good graphics and interface
    Complete, educational
  • Cons
    Still a time management game



An entertaining game where you become a professional veterinarian and diagnose sick animals

Every kid has wanted to be a veterinarian at least once in their lives, right?

In this game, AVMA Animal Hospital, you get to make your dream come true. Become the best veterinarian and get promoted to Chief by healing as many animals as you can.

First of all, you need to select your preferred character and learn it all about them. After reading all the information, begin to treat all the patients by following the tutorial. Correctly diagnose many patients and earn points in return, acknowledging all about pets and their diseases; managing yourself strategically to attend all customers.

Graphics are realistic and interface is well-designed and usable. Gameplay is surely entertaining and engaging, perfect for animal lovers and children interested in becoming veterinarians.

American Veterinary Medical Association is the developer of AVMA Animal Hospital, a well-crafted and interesting game for all ages.

Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

Start out as New Veterinarian and work your way up the ranks to become Chief Veterinarian of AVMA Animal Hospital. The quicker you are at diagnosing and treating the animals, the more points you’ll score. Can’t get to all the animals in time? Just try again and build on your skills. Learn about each animal's ailments, diagnostics, and treatments as you race the clock and treat the animals. Not only is the game a fun way for children in grades 4-8 to learn about veterinary medicine, it's a fun game to play for any animal lover.

We are in the process of updating the iPad version of the game so it's compatible with the new iOS7. Please stay tuned if you have iOS7 and are experiencing problems playing the game.

Development of this video game was funded through a grant provided by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation.

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