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Bistri is a private social network. We believe most stories are meant to be private and not to be shared with all of your contacts.

Bistri is the best way to share things such as photos and files from your Dropbox with your closest friends and family. Just share things like you already do in real life in a one-to-one private conversation!

Share with anyone you like, even if they don’t have Bistri installed!
They will still be able to see what you share with them via email or text.

Bistri is also a free web app with even more features such as video chat on


Free photo and file sharing.
Share the documents and photos from your Dropbox.
Share with everyone, even those who haven't the app yet.
Private sharing, no need to worry about who sees what anymore.
The privacy policy is the same as SMS/MMS : you can send the same thing to multiple recipients, but you are the only one who can read their answers.
No international charges when sharing to any Bistri user or email address.

Main features :
* Share privately with your closest friends and family
* Create a private space with each one of them
* Build a gallery of private photos and documents all together
* Create your timeline of memories

More great features to come :
* Share from other cloud storage services
* Video calls
* Share everything you want : videos, music, audio notes etc...

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