Car Escape 6: Tesla's Secret 1.0 (Iphone)

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  • Added: 04/14/2015
  • Downloads:29
  • Price: FREE
  • Size: 126.43 MB
  • Developer: 上海红居网络科技有限公司



You're kidnapped and locked up in a luxury car. Can you search the car, figure out all the tricks, and get out of the car?

This game is based on the previous Car Escape 5, which Mike had been missing two years. Suddenly he shows up again and bring the hero of our story into the realm beyond redemption again!

Car Escape 6 is made by real cars. It gives you a very realistic feeling while you're playing it. There're three real luxury cars, which are Mercedes-AMG A45, Tesla Model S P85, and Infiniti Q50. Besides cars, there's also an office where you need to sneak into. Can you use your intelligence to get out all the cars? Gather your friends and play the game together. Let's find out who can get out of the car first!

Please feel free to contact us:

Twitter: @CarEscapeGame

Note: Fully support for all iOS6+ devices, including iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPad Air, etc.

Here's some comments from previous Car Escape players:

“Looking forward to car escape 6. Both Car Escapes were Fun challenging with a cool story line. Now Can't wait for #6 hurry, hurry. I'm hooked.” - :Sparkle21:

“AWESOMEEEE GAME!!! I loved it, every detail was great. I'm hoping you guys get the 6 soon, i really want to know what happened to Mike! keep up the great work (:” - Timberwulf10

“Great fun. I have never had such a good time being locked up somewhere. Great set of levels and a very enjoyable game. Looking forward to more!” - Fbivan3

“Definately the BEST game I've played . Hurry up and make a new one!! ” - Leslie_Cheyanne

“Please make more. Very nice please make car escape 6” - Bihtwgnoiunighbrshbngroij

“Really tough but satisfying. Enjoyed this game and the last, excited to play the next version. Keep them coming!!” - Tawana-rae

“Impressive. Very nice app.. Good graphics, storyline and puzzles. Looking forward to chapter 6.” - Mdsnipe

“I've played the entire series and honestly, Car Escape 5 Chapter 4 was the easiest and most fun. Can't wait for Car Escape 6!!!” - Liamcav1234

“A Must Have. This app will have you thinking for days. If you are the type that respects true puzzles that takes cognitive at graphics and the thought the engineers put into the series of games. Get it now. It's a must have. IG account emanonac_is_3pi” - Goliath3pi

“Super! I love the challenge of these games. I can't wait for Escape 6!” - Godimgorgeous

“When will you do car escape 6? It has been a while. I'm not being rude or rushing you I just want to know when you will add car escape 6 it's been like more than three months sorry this was so long I just wanna know when you will add car escape 6 again sorry this was long. :-)” - B565

“Hurry! Can't wait for 6!!” - Marniemm

“6th game? Really good game! Have played all levels on each app 1-5. Really hope you make a 6th or 7th app. Well worth the download!!!” - JessieB :) xxx

“Awesome. Thanks for this game, absolutely amazing !!! Waiting for next part, hope it would be soon. Very atmospheric!” - SLenore

“Make a third game PPPLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! It's one of my favorite games right now, and I finished it. Are you making a third one? The story isn't technically finished yet. That would be really cool and nice. Please make a third game, all of the fans want another challenge. Thank you lots!! ” - Gustinio123!!!

“What a great game! Very fun, love this game!! And the others 1-4 as well.And one special thing about this escape game series is that it uses all real photos, not paintings. Every scene/object is photographed in the studio and made into this game, which makes it feel much more real and precise than other escape games.Good luck to everyone :)” - Ada Gabriel

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