Compass - A Life Management Social Network (Iphone)

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  • Added: 04/28/2015
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  • Developer: Creighton Taylor



Compass is the first life management social network. It allows users to establish and maintain their vision, purpose, and goals on a mobile platform. Users can share their vision, purpose, and goals with friends and coaches. It also allows users to give suggestions to friends as well as get help from friends and experts in a variety of life areas.

With Compass users can get realizations on: 1) what they are good at; 2) what they love; 3) how they can build a career; and 4) what the world needs. This simple four-part purpose framework leads to a clearly-defined purpose. It truly helps the user lead a purposeful life.

Compass allows users to set goals with target dates across eight key life areas: career, impact, health, relationships, education, spirituality, lifestyle, and finances. The simple eight-part goal framework helps users maintain a balanced life. Friends and coaches can like goals for encouragement and comment on goals to provide accountability or resources.

Unique among social networks is the ability to get 360 suggestions and feedback that can be added directly to your profile. At any time, a user may tap a purpose item or goal, and suggest it directly to their friends of choice. If the friend likes that suggestion, they may accept it to their profile. Users can use this tool to get suggestions and feedback from people across all areas of their life.

Download Compass now to help yourself and others stay centered during a time when world couldn’t seem more cluttered.

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