Create ringtone file from your music library (Iphone)

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  • Added: 04/12/2015
  • Downloads:22
  • Developer: Nguyen Thi Yen



You can easily make unlimited ringtone and text tone from your iPod Music

App Key Features:

- Full iPhone 5 support

- Create unlimited ringtones using songs from your Music Library

- Create unlimited text tones and alert tones (iOS 5 only)

- Use the microphone to record ringtones, text tones and alert tones

- To set ringtones, you need to sync iTunes.

1. This App is NOT designed for sharing illegal music files which contain the property rights.

2. In order to protect third parties’ copyrights, we are maintaining a blacklist in the App. If you think that we have infringed your rights, please contact us "". We will block your resources !

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