Dexter and Friends - Free Interactive HD Read-Along Narrated Story Book for Preschool Children & Jr 2.0 (Iphone)

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  • Added: 04/28/2015
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Looking for an interactive storybook experience to encourage your child to read and learn? We use image and word associations along with literacy techniques to make sure your child learns in a fun and creative manner. Our charming rhyming stories come to life in a unique way; with the help of our design studio, professional voiceover artists and writers, each scene is captivating. Dexter and Friends has been specifically modeled and tested both to educate and entertain its readers.

• Three modes of reading: Read to me, Read by myself and Auto-play, your child can choose the mode that suits their reading level best.
• Learn through interactive play: Tap and interact with objects in each scene using word and image association techniques.
• Grow your child’s vocabulary: Tap on a word in the story to highlight it and hear it pronounced by our narrator.
• Entertainment: Fun rhyming stories created exclusively to keep your youngster happily engaged while they are learning.
• Storytelling: Professional narration in a variety of different modes so your child can learn at his/her own pace.
• Recognition: Words are narrated and highlighted individually in a karaoke style effect in our special ‘Read to me’ mode.
• Identify with characters: Stunning illustrations created to keep your child captivated by our unique cast of characters.

We at Dexter and Friends understand how challenging it is to effectively encourage and educate our children without losing their focus and attention. That’s why all the stories in our app have been created especially with one key concept in mind - to develop your child’s literacy skills while keeping them engaged and entertained! All the storybooks in our app are free to preview. Only pay for content you like, no advertisements and no hidden fees.

“My four year old niece loves playing on the iPad and I was shocked to see that most of the content out there is being created purely with entertainment in mind. The educational aspect is being widely ignored by most developers. Once our team had created the app, I thought it fitting that my niece should be one of our first test users. As soon as she realised she could tap on objects within the screen, she was interacting on her own and didn't even realise she was learning new vocabulary at a pace that suited her.” - Kishin Harjani.

“My son loves all the characters in the stories, it’s great to see him learning on the iPad rather than just playing games or watching videos on it all day!” Steve, 40, father of two.
“This has to be the first time I’ve seen my daughter actually ENJOY reading, will definitely download this one once it’s out.” Dinah, 26, mother of one.
“My little brother was struggling with his reading; he would get frustrated when he didn’t know a word. This was the first time I have seen him enjoy it. If he didn’t know a word he tapped on it and heard the lady read it out!” Nat, 19, frequent babysitter.

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