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  • Added: 04/30/2015
  • Downloads:24
  • Price: FREE
  • Size: 6.38 MB
  • Developer: Fox Developers
  • Pros
    User-friendly and intuitive interface
    Preset categories
    Custom metrics and auto-generated graphs
  • Cons
    Needs input reminders/notifications
    There isn't integration with fitness app trackers and gadgets


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Log your life and track your improvements

Setting resolutions isn't only a New Year's thing. We do it all the time. However, we often abandon our goals because we cannot certainly resolve if improvements are actually happening. There's a solution: metrics. Weird word for a simple commandment: track what you do and you'll be able to say if you are now better than you were two months ago.

That's the idea behind Loggr. A simple app with a straightforward logging process. There are some preset categories to track your activity on: diet, fitness, games, grades, health, work... You can use those or create your custom metrics with a few taps. A graph for each metric will be generated and updated with each new input. Thus, you can see your progress at a glance.

Of course, you have to keep steady and input all the data. The app cannot do that for you. However, the input process has been simplified in such a way that you won't feel annoyed or lazy to do it.

Fox Developers' Loggr is set in a minimalist yet intuitive interface. Salmon background, white vector icons. Tap, input and go. No more excuses, dude. Quantify yourself!

Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

Everyday is an improvement on the last. Exercise more, eat more vegetables, read more books. But how can you keep track of your progress and ensure you are making those improvements? Loggr is the solution.

● HealthKit Integration
● Custom metrics so you can track anything including your health, wealth and all your life’s data.
● Create new data entries with custom units for any date and time.
● View data in a beautiful graph. Choose between tracking all entries, entry averages or entry totals over daily, weekly or monthly increments.
● Interactive graphs allow you to see data entries for any point in time.
● Review and Edit all data entries.
● Make calculations on the spot.
● Graph both positive and negative values.
● Organize Metrics By Log Such as Work, Health, and Fitness
● Export/Import From CSV - Export and Import your data for advanced analysis.
● Dropbox Sync - Backup and sync your data across devices.
● Import data from RunKeeper. Automatically import your RunKeeper Activities.
● Import data from Moves. Automatically log your walking, running, biking and driving data.
● Color Options - Switch it up and personalize it.
● Statistics - View advanced statistical analysis on your data.
● Import Weather Data - Import your local weather data to gain insight into how weather affects you.

Loggr can be backdated, aggregated, and viewed in hindsight, and gives immediate insight or spans the sum total of your life in a totally private way. No servers mining your data. You own your own data stored locally on your phone.

Enter the data when you want. Then Loggr instantly transforms your data points into elegant graphs, sliced and diced to reveal trends and provide real life insight.

Log and record values, from the mundane to life threatening. You decide. You need not be nerdy or introspective to want to quantify your existence.  

Stay Tuned!

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