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  • Added: 05/01/2015
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  • Developer: Malik Ahmad


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Networking is a part of everyone’s life. Every day, we are presented with opportunities to meet, converse, and become friends with new people. Technology and social media sites make getting to know people easier than ever, but trying to exchange all of your digital information with someone can be difficult and time-consuming. Pushr is a new social application that changes all of that. With Pushr, sharing all of your digital information is as easy as hitting “push.”

Pushr allows users to send, or “push,” information to other users, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profile links, phone numbers, email addresses, and even resumes and digital art portfolios. All of your social media accounts, email accounts, documents, and any other digital content can be sent to users in a matter of seconds.

Whether users want to push their information to one person or multiple people, they have the ability to pick and choose what information to send. Users can send their resumes and other important documents to employers, while sending their Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube accounts to new friends. The "pick and choose" feature protects the privacy of Pushr users, allowing them to control not only who they send information to, but also what information others can see.

Pushr has many exciting features, including:
-Near Me: Bluetooth capability that allows users to see other users in the vicinity, expediting the info-sharing process
-Search: allows users to search for others by name or job description, making it easy to connect with friends, professionals, and everyone else in their network
-Text Message Sharing: provides users the ability to share not only with other users but to share with anyone via text message
-Chat: gives users the ability to chat with others directly through the app
-Notifications: alerts users when they receive messages or requests from others

The unique features and user-friendly interface of this app make Pushr ideal for everyone. Whether connecting with friends or building a professional network, Pushr makes it easier than ever.

Simplify your network. Simplify your life.

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