friend Photos - A Photo Viewer for Facebook Photos (Iphone)

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  • Added: 04/24/2015
  • Downloads:20
  • Price: $2.99
  • Size: 2.65 MB
  • Developer: Garlic Dumpling, LLC



friend Photos (formerly known as "fbook Photos" and "fcbk Photos") makes it easy to view and download yours and your friends' Facebook photos on your iPad. View photos full screen in a beautiful, elegant interface, quickly switching between yours or your friends' photos and albums. Download photos one at a time or a bunch at once so that you can have your favorite photos with you wherever you are. Or sit back and view slideshows of Facebook photos.

** View all your photos in a stunning and beautiful interface
** View your friends' photos
** Download all the photos in an album or download photos one at a time
** View your photos in a simple and elegant slideshow

What people are saying...

"It removes all of the other distractions and leaves you with a very stripped down, Apple-like way of experiencing Facebook photos." - *

"I have found this app to have the single best photo presentation tools of all the iPad apps - free, paid or included." - Jeff's comment on **

"The app interface is beautiful and really helps show off your work.... Thanks, Garlic Dumpling, for a well thought out and truly functional and useful app." - Kenyon Photography's iTunes review *

* reviews on friend Photos
** comment about flickr Photos

Check out screenshots and video of this app here!

Are you a user of flickr or Picasa? If so, you'll definitely love using versions of this app made specially for flickr and Picasa! Do a search for "Garlic Dumpling" on the App Store to find these other great apps!

Note: You must have a Facebook account to use this application.

Facebook does not endorse nor sponsor this application, nor is Garlic Dumpling, LLC affiliated in any way with Facebook.

*** If you're having problems with the latest update, please try uninstalling and reinstalling this app. There seems to be a problem updating the app (perhaps because of the name change) that gets fixed when you reinstall the app. ***

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