iPhytter iPad Edition (Iphone)

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  • Added: 04/19/2015
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  • Developer: INTERUSH INC.



* G729 audio codec price downed by 70%!

The major brand in VoIP solution arena, PHYTTER released iPhytter iPad Edition.

iPhytter is a communication with which it is possible for many users to cut communication fee and improve communication environment depending on how to use it.
Comparing to other VoIP products, iPhytter has robust security and it is safe to use. In addition, multi call is available by just one step. Switching between two calls, spontaneous call among 3 people, and call transfer are available by iPhytter.

User interface of iPhytter iPad Edition is an optimized version of that of iPhone Edition and reconstructed to make it easier for iPad users. In addition, support system is improved and now users can obtain better user experience than ever before.

Please make a use of growing iPhytter.

[iPhytter Standard Feature (quoted)]
◆Audio Call (iPad 1st generation or later, iOS5.0 or later)
◆Video Call (iPad2 or later, iOS5.0 or later)
◆Instant Messenger (IM) (iPad 1st generation or later, iOS5.0 or later)
◆Short Message Service (SMS)
◆Support multi account (SIP, XMPP)
◆Speaker phone, mute, call hold, record
◆Dial screen & voice mail display
◆Contact & Frequently used items
◆Ringtone & Contact image
◆Colour custmization
◆Call History (outbound, inbound, missed call)
◆Support Multi Call (Call switch between 2 calls, simultaneous 3 calls)
◆Call Transfer (Direct and Alert: Available between SIP)
◆Audio codec (G.722-WB, G.711a/u, iLBC, GSM, SILK-WB, SILK-NB)
◆Video codec (H264, VP8)
◆Support dialplan (prefix)
◆Dial tone (number input for auto answer feature: support RFC2833)
◆Support VPN
◆Support Retina display

[Other Features (quoted) ]
◆Network Traversal Strategy (Application Managed, Server Managed, Custom Settings)
◆Support Global IP
◆Noise Canceler
◆VAD (Mute compression)
◆Security & Encryption (TLS&SRTP)
◆Logging & Log submission
◆Call Statistics

* G729 ready (option to purchase in the application)
G729 is a narrowband codec that is intended for low bandwidth use. It is particularly recommended if you make calls over 3G because it provides better audio quality on your cellular data connection.
You can purchase G729 in iPhytter.

Video call is a feature by which you can see the third party’s face during a call.
Not only voice, also the third party’s face and background scene is directly sent to your phone and your communication becomes more alive and pleasant.

Instant Messenger (IM) is a feature by which you can send your message by text. This feature is used in a particular situation when audio call is restricted or when text information is needed. IM is extremely convenient feature and is feasible in loads of scenes.

[Important Information]Need to get your service provider or SIP server.
iPhytter is simply a phone and this does not provide service by itself. To use iPhytter, you need to have your SIP account or SIP server.

iPhytter requires the internet access such as Wi-Fi or 3G,4G. To use iPhytter comfortably, using it under Wi-Fi environment is recommended since iPhytter uses more battery and is subject to take up and down of audio quality due to receptivity under 3G,4G circumstance.

Since iPhytter eats up big amount of packet, fixed-rate packet system is recommended. Some phone company or service provider may exclude SIP communication from fixed-rate packet system. Communication fee from iPhytter at a metered rate may become expensive. Before use iPhytter, please confirm with your phone company or service provider on your contract detail.
Please be informed that iPhytter does not have any concern with packet rate fee of your telephone company or service provider.

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