Jelly Jiggle - Match 3 Jewel and Puzzle Game - Match 3 Mania 1.2 (Iphone)

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  • Added: 04/11/2015
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Help the angriest granny around in an adventure that spans the world...The world of Jellies!
Make a splash with Angry Gran and help her in the hunt to discover the mystery behind the Jiggling Jellies!
Match 3, 4, 5 and more Jellies in the most colourful puzzle game you'll ever play.
Unique Gameplay features in Jelly Jiggle!
- Multi-stage levels!
Can you unlock the gates to make it to the next stage? Solve the puzzle to move on!
- Diagonal shooters!
Explode special Jellies diagonally! Jiggle those hard to reach jellies with diagonal shooter specials.
- Rewind time!
Made a mistake or want to try something else? Rewind to your last move - and keep your score and level progress!
- The Rainbow Jelly!
Discover the secret of the Rainbow Jelly, witness its beauty and use it to your advantage.
- HUGE awesome explosions as Jellies Smash to bits, splashing Jelly goo everywhere!
Dive into Jelly Smash today - the most colourful Match 3 game you'll ever play!
As Angry Gran would say "Why Crush when you can Jiggle?!".

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