Men's Health Speed Shred (Iphone)

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  • Added: 04/25/2015
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. . . with the cutting-edge fitness system that melts belly fat, torches calories, and sculpts every single muscle.

SPEED SHRED is the all-new video workout series from Men’s Health DeltaFit and metabolic-training expert BJ Gaddour, C.S.C.S.

It’s based entirely on the new science of metabolic resistance training. Every workout—there are 18 in all—is a strategic fusion of high-intensity intervals and strength training. This combination creates a potent fat-burning formula that will you get you leaner and fitter FASTER than you ever thought possible.

HOW IT WORKS: Just download the SPEED SHRED app for FREE and you’ll instantly have access to one FREE 30-minute workout video, plus the Speed Shred User’s Guide—which details every workout and gives you the Speed Shred Diet plan—and the 82-Day Speed Shred Training Journal.

Once you download the app, try Pure Power, the workout that’s included for FREE. It’s the first workout in the SPEED SHRED program. You can view it on your iPad, or on your television using an HDMI cable and a Lightning Digital AV Adapter for iPad. Or, even better, stream it wirelessly to your television with Apple TV.

If you like the workout, try the entire program! Each additional SPEED SHRED workout is available to buy for just $5.99.
With every single workout, you’ll:

*Carve Your Abs!
*Chisel Your Chest!
*Blast Your Arms!
*Build Your Back and Shoulders!
*Crush Your Quads, Glutes, and Hamstrings!

THE BEST PART: To do the 82-DAY SPEED SHRED workouts, all you need is couple pairs of dumbbells, a step or box, a Swiss ball, and about 6 feet of open space. It’s simple. It’s convenient. It WORKS!

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