Rat On A Skateboard 1.10 (Iphone)

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  • Added: 09/24/2012
  • Downloads:81
  • Size: 7.1 MB
  • License: Full Version
  • Language: English
  • Developer: Donut Games
  • Os Support: iOS 3.0/iOS 3.0.1/iOS 3.1/iOS 3.1.2/iOS 3.1.3/iOS 3.2/iOS 4.0/iOS 3.2.1/iOS 4.0.1/iOS 4.1/iOS 4.1.1/iOS 4.2/iOS 4.2.1
  • Pros
    Three game modes
    Simple controls
  • Cons
    Too easy



What would you expect in a game called Rat On A Skateboard? If you're thinking of a Rat On A Skateboard, give yourself a round of applause.

This is a 2D 'one button' game, where you have to jump and flip Ratty, the Rat On A Skateboard across various obstacle courses. There are three game modes, tow of which are random 'endless' levels, giving the game a Canabalt feel. Tapping the screen makes Ratty jump, then tapping again makes him flip the skateboard which allows you to get more air. Ratty will automatically grind rails, but will fall off if you time your jumps wrongly.

Rat On A Skateboard is a competent game, but it's nothing special and doesn't have much character. It's not too difficult, although the endless game modes do make your success a little too based on luck, and can sometimes feel unfair.

Rat On A Skateboard will kill a few minutes here and there, but doesn't offer the charm of Angry Birds or the exciting momentum of Canabalt.

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