Sheet Yourself – Create and Organize Your RPG Character Sheets With This RPG Character Sheet Maker (Iphone)

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  • Added: 04/13/2015
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  • Developer: SparkNET Interactive



Get your character sheets in order with Sheet Yourself!

Let's face it, RPG character sheets suck. They get lost, damaged, and in some cases eaten. Dump your piles of paper, index cards, and card packs to achieve an extra level of gamer customization.

As the ultimate character sheet generator that works with all role-playing games, Sheet Yourself allows you to create and edit unlimited character sheets for easier play:

* Choose from templates or create your own
* Save dozens of unique characters
* Sync your saved sheets with your iOS devices using iCloud
* Track and record abilities, armor, weapons, magic, initiative, etc.
* Easily update attributes with built-in dice rolling, steppers, and toggles
* Sort and organize sheets into folders by type and by campaign
* Add, edit, copy, and remove sheets easily
* Hold all of your sheets and character information in one place
* Minimize the need for reference materials
* Focus on role playing and having fun

You're the Maker. Whether you're the player or the GM/DM who needs to keep track of NPCs (non-player characters), you want this great tool to create, order, and track your characters easily. Master any of the following tabletop games and more:

* All editions of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D and AD&D)
* All d20 tabletop games
* Dungeon World
* Call of Cthulu
* Magic: The Gathering
* Mordheim
* Pathfinder
* Spycraft
* Vampire
* Werewolf
* Warhammer

Ready to roll the dice with the ultimate character sheet creator?


"The way this app works is fantastic! I run a custom RPG using the Heroclix battle mechanics and I need custom sheets. This app has started giving me everything I need, but with the addition of the premium features it will be perfect!" – Chuckomuffin

"After play testing Sheet Yourself 3 times now during live gameplay, I am even a bigger fan of the app. I really liked the concept behind it because of the ability to customize sheets based on how YOU, as a player, put them together." - Victor Amaya

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