SmartTube - Free Music & Video Player 2.2 (Iphone)

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  • Added: 04/27/2015
  • Downloads:22
  • Price: FREE
  • Size: 5.15 MB
  • Developer: TRIGGER Inc.



Enjoy YouTube videos of Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and other hit songs from around the world.

[Special Features]
- Enjoy smooth music listening with songs in various genres from around the world!
- The ranking is updated every day, allowing you to meet lots of new songs!
- You can play the YouTube videos in the background, meaning you can listen while using other apps.
- This really easy to use app can be used by anyone!

[Points of Caution]
It is potentially illegal to view videos that have illegally been uploaded to YouTube, so we ask that users don't view such videos.

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