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  • Added: 04/24/2015
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  • Developer: Shoepreme LLC



With resale pricing data on over 2,000 sneakers, Sneaker Info is a must have app for every sneaker head who seeks to know what their sneakers are worth benefiting both buyers and sellers alike. Sneaker Info was designed to cover the widest variety of sneakers that have a re-sale value in the market today and will provide you with up-to-date market value covering a high, median, and low pricing range. Cars have Kelly Blue Book, sports cards have Beckett; therefore it’s only fair for sneakers to have Sneaker Info.

Other additional features that make Sneaker Info the ultimate one-stop-shop app for every sneaker head:

· Release Dates - Informs users of upcoming sneaker releases!
· Deals – Gives users insight and access to current sneaker deals and offers!
· Holy Grails – Tool that allows users to bookmark a specific sneaker that serves as a general reminder for the user; whether it’s a sneaker that they are seeking, selling, or hope to have in their collection one day!

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