SoundFocus 2.5 (Iphone)

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  • Added: 04/29/2015
  • Downloads:24
  • Price: FREE
  • Size: 6.85 MB
  • Developer: Symphonic Audio Technologies



SoundFocus lets people with hearing loss listen to music in full fidelity with an iPhone or iPod Touch. Take a simple audio test, and we’ll create an audio profile that matches your hearing pattern, compensating for the spectrum of frequencies that your ear doesn’t hear well.

SoundFocus isn’t just a simple amplifier or player, it applies advanced audio processing to adjust the relative loudness and dynamic range of each octave in every song that you listen to. This can make music sound fuller and more present, and sometimes helps pick out softer, high frequency sounds like flutes or oboes. If you have music on iTunes or in your Spotify premium account, just download the app today to listen to your music in full fidelity again! We even support Spotify Radio.

Want to customize your sound even further? Or just add a little bass? You can use our built in EQ to shape your sound to your liking. We tune music to your ears and your personal preferences.

* Tune music to your hearing pattern

* Get better audio quality from your headphones or speakers.

* Listen to music already in your iTunes Library or on Spotify Premium.

* Downloaded by over 130,000 users

* Supports iOS 8


* SoundFocus does not fully support iTunes Match or DRM tracks.

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