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  • Added: 04/05/2015
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  • Developer: Nude Box



This is a fast paced endless games. it is a simple but very challenging game drag your finger through it to keep the balls in the middle of the two lines.

how to play:
1,Double fingers to touch inside the gray box that says"touch & drag to move".
2,keep your fingers on the screen and drag to the left or right to move.
3,you must hold the balls stay in two lines.
3,keep the ball inside of the black line or you lose.

1,the perfect cooperation of hands and brain will keep you going on.
2,your coordinated ability and reaction capacity will be greatly changed.
3,keep the balls in two lines,this is the core rule in this game.
4,it's an addicting game.

Though it easy to play, it is not easy to get high scores. come on and have a try.

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