Vimeo 4.0.3 (Iphone)

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Vimeo for iOS has been a long time coming, but it's arrived as much more than your average video app and is well worth the wait.

As you would expect, the Vimeo app lets you browse the videos from the popular website. Videos are categorized, and you can drill down into those and watch the content within. In My Stuff you will see lots of videos picked for you in your inbox - which appear to be based on your Vimeo viewing history. This latest update has added a search function, which was missing in early versions.

The best part of Vimeo is undoubtedly the video creation and editing part. Not only can you record video from your iOS device, but you can then cut it, add other clips and even text and soundtracks. When uploading to the web, you can choose the quality of the encoded video. You can also access any other video you have uploaded or liked on Vimeo.

Vimeo's iPhone app is essential for users of the service, as it's editing and creation suite are really impressive and intuitive.

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