VLC for iOS (VLC Media Player) 2.2.0 (Iphone)

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  • Added: 01/29/2014
  • Downloads:108
  • Size: 0 B
  • License: Free
  • Language: English
  • Developer: Videolan
  • Os Support: iOS 6.1/iOS 6.1.1/iOS 6.1.2/iOS 7.0
  • Pros
    Supports a wide range of video formats
    Very simple to use
    Straightforward user interface
    Supports Google Drive & Dropbox streaming
  • Cons
    Won't play back video captured by your device
    Playback isn't always seamless



VLC for iOS is a free video player for iOS that allows you to play a wide range of different movie files on your device. It can handle many of the video and audio formats that your iOS device won't recognize.

From desktop to pocket

The application is similar in function to the desktop version of VLC Media Player. It supports a vast range of file formats, including MKV, AVI, DivX, WMV, and many, many more. VLC for iOS supports subtitle files, too, allowing you to apply subtitles in SRT format to videos. You get a number of options for subtitles, including font, size, and color.

In terms of playback, VLC for iOS isn't overloaded with options. Besides the standard playback options, the video player includes an option for changing playback speed, picture controls (brightness, contrast, etc.), and the ability to switch the aspect ratio of a video.

VLC for iOS gives you a range of ways to get movies and series onto your iPad or iPhone. You can sync via iTunes, download files directly, or hook up your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts to the application to stream multimedia content from there. There's also support for streaming from UPnP media servers or uploading files through WiFi. 

Other settings within VLC for iOS include a passcode lock, deblocking filtering, deinterlacing, and time-stretching for audio.

One of the key things that VLC for iOS isn't able to do, curiously, is to play video that you've captured stored locally on your device. This is a big drawback over the native iOS Video app.

How does it handle?

Although the interface in VLC for iOS is unspectacular, it serves its purpose well enough. The layout of the file library is pleasing on the eye, and the player window is clean and clutter-free. The application now supports a range of touch gestures which can help speed up the way you enjoy your content, once you've mastered them.

In terms of playback performance, VLC for iOS stands up OK, especially for the most popular file formats. However, you may find it labors with some formats, especially if you're using an older iOS device.

The verdict

VLC for iOS offers an easy way to transfer and play a huge range of video files on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It's not perfect, but if you watch a lot of movies and series in different formats, it's a good choice.

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